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This website is run by Positive Rent A Car. In following terms of use rules: “We”, “Our”, “to us”, “us” phrases mean: Positive Rent A Car; “you”, “your”, “to you”, “you” phrases mean visitor/visitors.

Please review these terms of use carefully before using this site.

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Making a Reservation on This Site
A reservation made, whether confirmed or not, does not constitute an agreement for the supply of a rental car.
The agreement is arranged at the time of the rental and is regulated according to the laws of the country where the rental is made.

Data Protection
All personal information you provide to us while using this website will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

How to use the Reservation Module
The reservation feature on this site has been prepared only for you or those traveling with you to make reservations that have the legal right.
No fake or fraudulent bookings should be made. In case of detection of such situations, we reserve the right to go to the relevant courts.

Copying, publishing, distribution, transfer of all or part of the materials and/or the underlying software code on this website cannot be done without our prior written consent.

Acceptable Use
You can only use this website for purposes that comply with the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Turkey or the country where you entered the website, and on the condition that you
abide by the rules of use of the website.

By using this website you accept the following terms:
– Not to send or disseminate harmful, obscene, slanderous or other illegal information on this site,
– Not to use this site in a way that may violate the rights of others,
– Not to make unofficial, fake or fraudulent reservations,
– Not to interfere in any way with the operation of this website by using any software, business program or tool,
– Not to spoil, change or interfere with the external appearance and the underlying software code of this site,
– Not to take any action that would impose an unreasonable burden on this site or its related infrastructure,
– Not to gain unauthorized access to any of our networks for any reason;

Without touching all our other rights (legal or otherwise), as Positive Rent A Car, we reserve the right to cancel your reservations without notice and/or to prevent you from entering this site (by using our discretion) when we believe that you have violated the terms of use stated here.

Changes to the Website
Without making any announcement on this website; We may make changes to the information, services, products and other data contained in this site or remove this site. We may also make changes to the terms of use stated here. These changes are deemed to have entered into force from the moment they appear on the site. Accordingly, your access to and use of this site means that you accept the renewed rules.

Links to Other Websites
This website may contain links to other websites. We are not responsible for the information, data, products and services on the linked sites. Your access to and use of such sites is entirely at your own risk.

Internet – Email
The reliability of messages sent over the Internet is not completely guaranteed, due to reasons such as loss or corruption. For these reasons, we are not responsible for the accuracy of any message sent by email – whether it is sent from US to you or from YOU to us.

Viewing the Website
It is not guaranteed that the information provided to you through the website will always be uninterrupted or error-free, or that the data, software and other electronic materials contained in
the pages presented through the website will be free from viruses, trojans and other similar components.

While we take all necessary measures to keep all the information you transmit by using the reservation module through this website safe and to prevent unauthorized access to this information, we will not be liable in any way for unauthorized access to information and any damages that may arise due to this.

Limitation of Liability
No liability is accepted for any direct or indirect, special, penal and exemplary losses and damages that may be incurred due to the information contained on this site.

All responsibilities regarding the information, services and data on this site are waived within the scope of the law. Since this information, service and data are available or available on the site, the site owner does not bear any responsibility.

These terms of use include the rules of the agreement you have made with us regarding the use of this site. No other written or verbal statements will be considered.
The use of this website, any data downloaded from this site, and any action regarding these terms of use will be processed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey.