Dalaman is at the heart of natural beauties in the Aegean Region. It is hosting one of the international airports in its area and thanks to that it is a very popular point visited by many people. It is on the main road from İzmir to Fethiye, Muğla and it contains the loveliest bays as known as Göcek bays.

On the map, you can find Dalaman in the west part of the Aegean Region as a lovely district of Muğla. It is in the southeast of Muğla and in-between Köyceğiz, Ortaca, and Fethiye districts of Muğla and Çameli district of Denizli. In the east, north, and west of Dalaman, there are mountains and in the south of it, there are lowlands.

Dalaman is a very convenient place for a holiday since it has lots of beaches with the warmness and brightness of the sun. In addition to its hot and living beaches, Dalaman also has lots of interesting places to be visited, for example, the train station belonging to a city which does not have railways. Also, amongst the places should be visited in Dalaman, Kaunos ancient city in Dalyan district, Lidai, Lissay, Crya ve Cleopatra Turkish baths and Lycia rock tombs in Kapıdağı, Gökdağ rock tombs, Şerefler shrine, sunk ship at Dalaman stream, Historical Akköprü, can be remarked.

Where is Dalaman Turkey?

Where is Dalaman Turkey?

Dalaman Airport

Thanks to its international airport, there are lots of direct flights from many of the European cities to Dalaman, which makes the estimated arrival time length to Dalaman only 3 or 4 hours from your hometown. After landing, you will be really close to many holiday points other than Dalaman, which enables you to be more elastic and your holiday will be completely in your palms. Via a manageable and portable vehicle, you will always be able to visit wherever you want whenever you wish.

On the surface of hot sands in Dalaman beaches, there are no worries from your routine life. During the day you can always swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. You can lose yourself in the antic cities and monuments with all the cultural heritage you can feel with your heart. Dalaman, with its beauties and accessible nature, will be always one of the best options to be visited, you will never regret your time in Dalaman. It has the exceptional beauty of the Aegean and Mediterranean Regions, as it is the junction point of blue and green.