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The 6 Best Beaches in Dalaman Turkey

Dalaman is one of the most beautiful districts of Muğla, thanks to its nature and history. You have to visit Dalaman and beaches therein if you want to make your holiday a great summer holiday.

Dalaman has tons of beaches and bays. They worth to be visited during summer. You can visit each of them day by day with your car and you can enjoy your freedom in a full swing. Thanks to its sinuous shores, there are lots of bays which are reflecting all beauty of Aegean Sea. We will describe each of these beaches as it can be possible. Hence you can correctly select the ones you want to visit.

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Where is Dalaman?

Dalaman is at the heart of natural beauties in the Aegean Region. It is hosting one of the international airports in its area and thanks to that it is a very popular point visited by many people. It is on the main road from İzmir to Fethiye, Muğla and it contains the loveliest bays as known as Göcek bays.

On the map, you can find Dalaman in the west part of the Aegean Region as a lovely district of Muğla. It is in the southeast of Muğla and in-between Köyceğiz, Ortaca, and Fethiye districts of Muğla and Çameli district of Denizli. In the east, north, and west of Dalaman, there are mountains and in the south of it, there are lowlands.

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